Some Typical Foods From Russia!

Some Typical Foods From Russia – Each country certainly has its own special cuisine, Russia is no exception. One of the largest countries in the world has a variety of typical dishes made from healthy ingredients such as vegetables, wheat, fish and meat.

If you have the opportunity to visit Russia, you should try a variety of its signature dishes with unusual flavors a combination of mouth-watering European, Middle Eastern and Asian specialties. Instead of worrying, here are 10 typical Russian dishes that you can taste. So, here we have summarized some of the unique and delicious Russian specialties.

– Beef Stroganoff

An early Russian specialty is Beef Stroganoff. This dish is a dish of diced beef and thick sauce with mushrooms or tomatoes. Beef Stroganoff itself has a savory, salty, spicy and slightly sour taste. The sour taste is obtained from the use of a typical Russian sauce, namely smetana. Situs Slot Online Terbaru

– Pelmeni

Another popular Russian dish is pelmeni. The shape may mean that you want Indonesian dumplings, but this pelmeni has a different taste, you know. Generally, pelmeni are filled with pork, beef, lamb, salmon, or especially mushrooms. Pelmeni can be eaten directly or served with broth. Slot Online Terpercaya

– Rassolnik

Rassolnik consists of barrels and pickles. Rassolnik soup is not always combined with sliced ​​beef or pork. This clear soup is usually eaten in the morning. A bowl of rassolnik soup eaten with rice or whole grain bread. Slot Online Jackpot Besar

– Fish Soup (ukha)

Ukha is a traditional Russian clear soup. Usually this soup is made from various types of fish such as bream, catfish, salmon, or ruffe fish. Usually served also with such pieces, parsley, scallions, potatoes, bay leaves, dill, tarragon, and green parsley. Then seasoned with dark pepper, turmeric, nutmeg, and fennel seeds.

– Borsch

This typical Russian dish is the main Slavic nation which has become a traditional dish in Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps the historical borscht dates back to 14th century Kievan Rus. Variants of borscht are countless and can still be found today.

Traditional borscht uses beef or pork broth after which cabbage, beets, potatoes and carrots are added. Before eating this healthy and filling soup, add it first with cream or sour cream. In Russia, borscht is served with a slice of savory pie or fried bread. In Ukraine, borscht is usually eaten with dark rye bread and bacon.